Jailbreak News

iOS 9.0.2 No Longer Being Signed By Apple

Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.0.2 meaning that if you have upgraded to 9.1 you can no longer downgrade. You will have to wait for a jailbreak to be released for 9.1 before you can jailbreak which hopefully won't be too long. If you haven't upgraded we recommend you don't as we will keep you posted when the next jailbreak is available and when you can upgrade.

Unjailbreak Your iOS Device Without Using iTunes To Restore

Saurik has released a tool that allows you to un-jailbreak your device on the device and does not automatically update to the latest software (which may not have a public jailbreak yet). The tool is free to download from Cydia and is called "Cydia Impactor". The tool is still in beta but does work none the less.

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