iPhone X FaceID

Apple has revolutionised device authentication with their latest flagship with FaceID. This is replacing the much loved TouchID but still is used to authorise the same things like Apple Pay and to unlock the device itself. Unlike Apples competitors Samsung and Microsoft, this FaceID cannot be fooled using a photo thanks to its TruDepth Camera which is hidden within the notch at the top of the device.

iPhone X Homescreen and Control Center

The iconic home button that we have all become acustom to has been ditched in favour of a new gesture bar. This essentially acts as a home button, to go back to the home screen from an app you swipe up from the gesture bar. The big change is how we invoke the control center which used to be activated by a swipe from the bottom of the screen, this cannot be done anymore so we instead must swipe down from the top right of the screen next to the notch.

Apple AirPower

Finally wireless charging has been brought to Apples iOS flagship, it doesn't just stop there, the wireless charging pad can also charge the Apple Watch and Airpods simultaniously. When all devices are charging you can check the charge on the iPhone and it will display the percentages of all the devices on charge. Bravo Apple on that one!

Where Can I Buy The iPhone X?

Now all of this new tech does not come cheaply and if you want one you have to part with £999 for the 64GB model or £1,149 for the 256GB model. This is a lot of money but it does have a glass back instead of the usual metal and with the new FaceID camera all crammed in to the little notch at the top, you can see why Apple think their newest flagship should have a hefty price tag.

You can head over to the Apple Store to buy yours here or you can also talk to your mobile network to get one set up on a contract.