This is the place to find all the best tweaks that will work with the latest jailbreak (unless specified). Scroll through to find screenshots and a quick run through each tweak. All tweaks will be tested on an iPad Mini 3 and any tweaks that are not compatible will still have a full tutorial.


Since the release of the Apple Watch, Apple have started a new design branch when it comes to designing the mobile OS. The watch OS slightly differs from that of iOS and OS X, so what if you want to get the notifications you get on your device to look like the ones on watchOS? Well now you can by downloading WatchNotifications.

Once installed your device will begin to show notifications in watchOS fashion and it does suit the lockscreen, it doesn't look too out of place, that being my opinion.

This tweak only has two settings, one being to enable/disable the tweak, the other is to enable shadows under the app icon in the notification itself. It's worth pointing out that this tweak only changes the appearance of the notifications on the lockscreen so banners and pop-ups will remain consistant with the current look of iOS.

WatchNotifications is available from the BigBoss repo for $1.00 so if you like the notification style on the Apple Watch, then this tweak is for you.

Asphaleia 2

Asphaleia is a security tweak that can protect every app with TouchID providing your device supports TouchID authentication. If yours does, this tweak is for you. You can choose to protect all apps and have this as a global setting or you can select the apps you wish to protect.

It features some very nice animations to create an almost native feel to the iOS system.

It is obvious this tweak has been thought through because you are also offered protection for your apps when using the multitasking switcher. This is an option that must be enabled as this could get annoying if you switch apps regularly without going back to the homescreen. When you are greeted with the security pop-up asking for you to scan your fingerprint, you will notice it is the same animation as that of the one of the homescreen icons.

There are other tweaks you can download that offer a very similar kind of feature and functionality, Asphaleia 2 however feels more polished and well made. Asphaleia 2 costs $1.99 and can be downloaded from the Cydia store from the BigBoss repo.