Start Menu Returns!

Windows 10 sees the return of the classic start menu that we have gone without and missed for so long! Microsoft however haven't brought it back in its orignal beauty. They have added live tiles and metro app shortcuts to the start menu, and it actually isn't bad.

If you have become used to the metro start screen and don't want to have to change your ways back to the start menu, then do not panic, you can still use the start screen if you wish to by tweaking some settings and you can also expand the start menu to fullscreen (which is different the current start screen itself).

Cortana? On Desktop?

That's right, Microsofts mobile Virtual Assistant is coming to PC for everyone to enjoy and rumour has it, it trumps Apples' Siri Assistant which should be interesting. As we know virtual assistants are still in need of improvement and are not ready to become reliant upon just yet but Cortana, could be the best one yet!

Cortana isn't completely supported for all countries as of yet and is only available to those in the States, however when it comes to the day of the full release of Windows 10, Cortana should be available for all!

Xbox App To Support Xbox One Game Streaming

Windows 10 is bringing a variety of features, some will be welcomed with much appreciation, whilst some we won't even notice. This feature is one that gamers will love! When Windows 10 is officially released, you will be able to play your Xbox One games right from your PC!

What's the point you ask? Well you have a point, it does seem unnecessary but we can guaruntee that it is a feature that will be exploited! Of course if you have a low budget PC then this feature is not so much for you but for the gamers with above average specs in their towers, it will be like having 2 consoles!


Download Technical Preview Here

Build 9926

Windows 10 Techincal Preview (x64) Download (3.92GB)

Windows 10 Techincal Preview (x86) Download (3.01GB)